The modern Kieskeurig user expects an online platform that can be continued on different devices.

"Working with Niels on the responsive website of Kieskeurig.nl was great. He was very flexible in working hours and had a good understanding of our business and the goals our website has. He also has a good understanding of optimizing and designing for multiple screens from smartphone to tablet to desktop"

− Sander Stricker / Product Manager Kieskeurig.nl at Sanoma Digital
Sanoma Digital


Assignment for

  • Kieskeurig
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Brand Identity redesign
  • Total webplatform
  • Blog
  • Mobile Devices section
  • Energy Prices section
  • Checkout re-design

UX/VD at Sanoma Digital

I joined Sanoma Digital as freelance User Experience Designer and Visual Designer. They just started the pilot Kieskeurig International, a project to cut through the red tape and applying development methods like, agile/scrum. Fine-tuning responsive webdesign approaches.

From the start of the Kieskeurig international pilot we tried mobile first, but the demands from the product managers were too rigid, we ‘invented’ the Desktop Skim-Down approach. Using less functionality or other interaction principles on tablet or mobile devices, which still had the same feel.

I worked on kieskeurig international en kieskeurg.nl for 5 months. During my stay I also did other projects like Kieskeurig Blog, Kieskeurig Checkout and Energieprijzen.nl for approximately another 6 months.

Brand Identity Kieskeurig

Management of Kieskeurig.nl was really charmed by the look & feel of the upgraded brand identity and development speed of the international pilot. Januari 2014 we started the kieskeurig.nl responsive transformation. The new brand identity of international was implemented and the requirements of kieskeurig.nl were made responsive.

My Role “Requirements, High Fidelity wireframes & pixel perfect design”

Revamping the old kieskeurig -which was not responsive at all-  developing a new brand identity and working through the responsive design approach was a great assignment. Getting the requirements, mapping them into the information architecture per device, and tuning them where needed. Setting up the layouts for the different devices (high fidelity wireframe) and upgrading them into design was gratifying assignment.

Other projects for Sanoma Digital

  • Kieskeurig Responsive Blog (1 month UX/VD)
  • Kieskeurig Responsive Checkout / Omni UX (1 month UX/VD )
  • Kieskeurig Energie (1 month VD)

Color & material

The kieskeurig colour pallet, of red, blue and yellow.



Green blue




Execution brief & Services

The goal for Kieskeurig.nl was to broaden site accessibility across devices and increase online traffic and sales. Also the kieskeurig international brand identity was implemented within the kieskeurig.nl templates.

Services provided

  • User experience design / Simplifying and optimizing the customer journeys
  • Information Architecture / What info is needed when and where
  • Interaction design / Architecture of requirements in responsive layouts
  • Visual design / Brand identity upgrade and designing and documenting interaction principles


Sketchbook, Axure, Skype, Illustrator, Photoshop

Successful outcome for the client

  • Kieskeurig International brand identity and 15 responsive templates
  • Kieskeurig.nl brand identity and 9 responsive templates
  • Functional briefing for Sanoma programmers

Live website

Take a look at http://kieskeurig.nl
TIP: You can check the responsive design by scaling your browser window.


User Experience Design

Designing the overall emotional feel the user gets from their task-completion within your brand, application or website.

Interaction Design

Designing the interaction principals with a less is more mindset and minimize repetitive task over multiple touch-points and/or sessions.

Visual Design

Forge a look & feel which fits the brand, concept, tone-of-voice, audience and device specifications

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