Niels Kijf.

I am a passionate, energetic digital product designer, who loves to cook and is crazy for sports.

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Freelance UX/UI Designer

Want to realise or update your webapplication?

Through my years of experience as User Experience Designer at Agencies and client-side, I can help you bring your idea to life (concept > design) always with good energy and always spirited.

We will co-work to produce the best materials to tell your story. A little bit about me. I am an interactive media entrepreneur born in Leiden (The Netherlands). I have a master degree in Digital Media Design, HKU (collaboration with University of Portsmouth, UK) and have recendency in Amsterdam.

If you would like to discuss any existing or future project, please feel free to view my portfolio or by giving me a call.

UX is a teamsport for all disciplines involved, hope to jump in your team soon!

Niels KijfDigital Product Designer / +31 6 5 163 0 162


I am an hands on, allround digital product designer; design, video & audio.

  • Concept / New business development
  • Digital brand Identity design
  • UI Designer (Conversational UI)
  • UX Design (Rapid prototyping)
  • Design Systems (Customer journey maps, empathy maps, product character canvas)

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I love design sprints and rapid prototyping, the quicker you can validate your ideas, the better. Team focus and go! Scrum / Agile is great, design thinking and co-creation (bringing in lead consumers) is awesome. Get the creativity flowing, not only discussing but also producing while you go.

  • My sketchbook
  • Sketch app + Craft + Invision
  • Principle for rapid prototyping
  • After Effects for interaction visualisation

I worked with Niels for over a year, but if feels as much longer due to how intense this period was.

I hired Niels as a Freelancer to initially do the the Visual Design for the consumer brand MVP, but I was tremendously wrong when I thought he would be limited to it. He did that with one arm and with the other he dived together with the team in huge amounts of data and researches and helped a lot in the UX and in many discussions of Digital transformation and the methodology used on the project development.

Niels also did the UX/UI for the professional brands that contained lots of challenges. Not limited to that, Niels is a extremely curious, open minded and creative professional with great skills to innovate and support digital projects.

For sure someone that I’m not only proud to have great conversations when it comes to trends and out-of-the-Box ideas and Startup projects, but to have as a friend. Definably someone that I would like to work again in my team and company.

Victor SoffiattiGlobal Digital Marketing Manager

User Experience Design

User experience design is emotional and strategic. It begins with an idea to improve the lives or task completion of users, and continues through every moment of the customer life-cycle. It is driven by a sincere vision that guides and justifies every design decision. My method?  Lean, user centered, killing assumptions along the way.

Digital platform / Ecosystem development

I facilitate co-creation sessions to help groups or stakeholder to come up with a solid project definition. I do these session using co-creation methodologies, which also includes lead consumers. Using all different perspectives help to set a validated course. Design principles are also an important part of this workshop. A lot can be achieved in a couple of days.

UI & Visual Design

In todays online world, use of visual design is more important than ever. Fresh and fitting visual design makes you stand out from your competition and creates a visual relationship with your users. If you have two similar products, the design will be the deciding factor!


Mobile: +31 6 5 163 0 162.

Skype: nielskijf