Hello, I’m Niels Kijf.

I am an UX designer focusing on network thinking.

Design for all your audiences and let them interact as well, act as a facilitator.

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Customer Journey Mapping

User Experience Design

Do you want to optimize your on-line presence for better results? Do you want to streamline the work-method of your team? I help teams achieve their best work. How do I do this? Always hands on, using ..

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Interface Design

Is your application in need of an interface overhaul? Do you want more engagement with your content, or just better conversion? We need to design for behavioural patterns, transitional or conversational UI does that, not on a page but in a scrolling mechanism, think Whatsapp.  An interface which run a script which helps you in steps.. (and remembers you input them for later use!)

Pages? is that still a horseless carriage syndrome?

Latest work

AkzoNobel – Painters

Painters - Global professionals e-commerce platform

AkzoNobel – Flourish

Flourish - Global consumer e-commerce platform

Other work

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Who is Niels?

I am passionate digital product designer. I combine my creative and analytical skills in forging meaningful experiences. Always hands-on, iterating forward.

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UX review in video

An user experience review is where an expert goes through a web/app looking for usability and experience problems and makes recommendations on how to fix them. This is a co-creation concept, so the video will be used in team sessions. 

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I started this new website using iterative design.

Last update: March 7th, 2018

Open changelog

Iterate Forward

Want to learn some more, how I use design principles to iterate forward?

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E-mail: info@nielskijf.com (copy/paste)

Mobile: +31 65 163 0 162

Skype: nielskijf